Thesis Uferstudios

Reindeer Age #00

Bernardo Chatillon

From poetry to artifice, from the magical object to the hidden systems, from harmless distraction to domination: Reindeer Age investigates what enchants us today. As we enter this age, we are welcomed by the notion of the beginning, where it all started, what is behind the curtains. And this is about being very specific: it is about becoming a vehicle or a receptor or an intermediary to materialize an intuition. History doesn’t give me freedom to act, it gives me a pre-defined context saying that as a human being I am inserted into linear time and a logic of events.

But time isn't always linear.
Dante went down to hell. I go to Reindeer Age to find what I thought was separate.

Concept, Choreography and Performance by Bernardo Chatillon in collaboration with

Music by Marc Lohr
Production and Dramaturgy Assistance: Mariana Nobre Vieira
Light Design: André Uerba & Margie Medlin
Light operator: Michela Filzi
Stage Design: André Uerba
Support: Tania Guerreiro, Self-Mistake (PT)
Mentor: Sigal Zouk
Tutor: Sandra Noeth

On Wednesday, 27.11.2019, an After Talk will follow the show.

Free admission. Please reserve your tickets at: tickets[at]

Event location: Uferstudios | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin