Thesis Uferstudios

Reindeer Age #00

Bernardo Chatillon

“Prehistory” invokes man's relationship with the animal.
What is painted in the caves seems to be a kind of opaque mirror that recognizes the presence of a new sense, a new state of consciousness. Man detached from themselves and their environment, with time and space to be amazed.
The path of being human.
I feel that magic is in making this path of recognition.
Dante went down to hell.I go to the Reindeer Age to find what I thought was separate.
Something awaits me.

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By Bernardo Chatillon in collaboration with Sigal Zouk (Mentorin),
Dramaturgy: (tba)
Light and Stage Design: (tba)
Tutor: Sandra Noeth
Support: Self-Mistake (PT) SODA, HZT (DE)

Event location: Uferstudios | Uferstr. 23 | 13357Berlin