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NAH DRAN extended w/ Derin Cankaya & Daria Belous

A Dance of Pixelated Bodies

At a time when it is not possible anymore for our bodies to be “together” - Derin and Daria research taking it one step further.  Without our existing names, faces and living spaces - what makes us human?  How do we sense and feel, when our bodies are made up of pixels?  How is my AI friend involved in my choreographic decision-making?  We are searching for questions that further blur the concepts of real, fake, human, robot, artificial, and natural.

Friday, July 3, 8 pm, through Sunday, July 5, 11.59 pm

The link to the video will be available here during the event times.

Choreographers: Derin Cankaya & Daria Belous
In cooperation with ada Studio

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