Cooperation HfM Berlin

collaboration between klangzeitort and maC

777 Part 2

Choreography: Akiles
Composition: Saemi Jeong
Dance: Désirée Meul, Sophie Kolter
Light: Bryan Schall 
Scenography: Catalina Varela
Technical assistant: Ricardo Juan Richards
Production assistant: Sirine Malas

The dark image, the unknown and the preconceived notions of a vague future. Here, feelings and mental influences swell, breathing increases and narrows until illusion mixes with reality. Nail. You don't know where to start solving a problem. Excessive and intrusive worries that disrupt daily functioning. That intangible feeling when you're in those uncertain moments of what's to come. To expect a shock, to live in great concern. The name is fear.

Choreography: Veronika Heisig
Composition: Ádám Bajnok
Dance: Marta Ruszkowska, Bernardita Villarroel
Bass flute: Kristóf Siklósi
Bass clarinet: Takahiro Katayama
Cello: Moritz Kayser
Double bass: Adam Goodwin
Costume: Danilo Andrés Sepulveda Cofre

In INFERA (Lat. below, below) two dancers end up in a humming and buzzing world. Are they trapped in a dream or a sleepless night? Her dance revolves around a fragile intermediate state.

Choreography: Dominique Tegho
Dance: Marcos Nacar, Daria Belous, Magadalena Meindl, Mahshad Rezai
Composition: Tianyang Zhang
Tenor singer: Juncan Zhu
Stage design: Yaming Wang
Stage design assistance: Zheming Li
Light: Vito Walter
Mentoring: Anna Aristarkhova

In "Tsugi", four bodies explore the different stages of grief together. By moving in and out of them, dance becomes a ritual. Constantly alternating between these states, they find strategies to stay together.
Fragments of music, movements and voice come together to initiate a process of reunification and invite the audience into a space that allows them to digest and rest.

Cooperation between the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT) Berlin, supported by the Berlin University of Arts and the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch, and klangzeitort, the joint Institute for New Music of the Berlin University of Arts and the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin.

Interdisciplinary and collaborative works between contemporary choreography and new music.

29.10. Premiere
30.10. Second Performance
Start: 8:30 pm
Location: Studiosaal HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin, Charlottenstraße 55, 10117 Berlin

Choreographers: Akiles, Ariane Burghard, Veronika Heisig, Jonathan Kolski, Valentina Menz, Dominique Tegho
Composers: Adam Bajnok, Tianyang Zhang, Eli Simic-Prosic, Saemi Jeong, René Kuwan, Connor Shafran
Project Management: Ingo Reulecke, Wolfgang Heiniger, Netta Weiser.

Event location: HfM Berlin | Charlottenstr. 55 | 10117Berlin