Performance Internes Showing

Melika Akbari-asl and Lilly Pöhlmann

maC double bill

-36,201' is an immersive performance in which sound, movement and light which invites you to immerse yourself in a state of concentration and become more aware of the immediate, embodied experience of the world: a detachment from the outside world. A mental break.

Nocturnal: a reflection on sleep deals with sleep and the importance of resting. In the state of sleep, the body eludes everyday productivity - it becomes heavy and falls into unavailability. How important is the break, the recovery, the sleep, and what is our relationship to these conditions?


Double bill with Melika Akbari-asl and Lilly Pöhlmann on bat Studiobühne
General rehearsal on 30.6. at 19:00
Premiere on 01.07. at 19:00
2. Performance on 02.07. at 19:00

All events are internal showings

-36,201‘ [SUbdUCTION ZONE]

Choreography: Melika Akbari-asl
Dance: Hana Stojokovic
Sound: William “Bilwa“ Costa 
Scenography: Melika Akbari-asl
Lighting design: Bruno Pocheron
Technical director: Ingmar Steinfurth

Nocturnal: a reflection on sleep

Conzept und Choreography: Lilly Pöhlmann
Dance und Co-Choreography: Tora Hed
Sound composition: Juan Sebastián Aguilar 
Light: Andreas Harder
Costume: Katri Saloniemi
Dramaturgy: Josefin Pöhlmann
Technical directior: Ingmar Steinfurth
Supervisors: Christiane Berger, Wanda Golonka

Event location: Internes Showing |