14 August until 13 September big room with lovely flatmate for 380e :)

Write to: l.martinez@hzt-berlin.de

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Subletting cozy one room flat in Rathaus Neukölln, next to Weserstraße. July 24 till August 4.

mikelafilzi@gmail.com write me for more info and photos!

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In the workshop accompanying the project MENSTRUAL METAL, Jule Flierl opens her research on the dancing body as a musical instrument. She invites to gain new perspectives on the movement of the voice, as well as to exploring the silence and the roaring within and in between us. The snarling, growling, sighing, screaming, yelling, moaning, snapping choir welcomes everyone who wants to find a different access to using their voice, who are up to trying on grotesque bodies and to become part of a polyphonic composition. The participation in the workshop opens the possibility to perform in the movement choir on 1st and 2nd of August in the Heatinghouse at Uferstudios.

22+23 / 29+30 July, 16-19h
The participation in all 4 days as well as the willingness to participate in 1-2 performances is desired; a binding participation in at least 2 days is required.

Location: Uferstudios, Heizhaus
Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin

The workshop is free of charge, please send a short note of intention (3 sentences) to the following mail adress to register: ausufern@uferstudios.com

Jule wants to write the history of SoundDance. She studied at SEAD-Salzburg and EXERCE Montpellier, and worked as dancer with Bryan Campbell, Martin Nachbar, Ibrahim Quarishi, Gintersdorfer/Klaßen, Sergiu Matis, Meg Stuart and Tino Sehgal. In 2017 she has presented the lecture performance I INTEND TO SING, in which she reflects her own practice and makes reference to historical vocal dances. In her latest project STÖRLAUT, she appropriates, re-interprets and mobilizes Valeska Gert's sound dances as a form capable of exploring non- and extra-verbal proclamation as other forms of speech are failing. Currently she researches the reverberations of uranium mining in the former GDR and extractivism and the asthetics of Black Metal Culture.

About the performance:
MENSTRUAL METAL ­experiments with the format of the movement choir from the beginning of the 20th Century. It appropriates the musical structures and conceptual content inherent to the genre Black Metal in order to twist its violent ideology through a feminist lens. Contrary to existing tendencies in Black Metal, which promote purity and origin in the racist, elitist, natural or cultural sense, MENSTRUAL METAL seeks to develop a strategy of impurity and uncertainty. It aims at crumbling the foundation of myths surrounding menstrual taboo, blood right, superalienation paranoia, queerphobia, and misogyny and to test queer feminist playgrounds.

The piece will be presented in the frame of the Uferstudios programme series AUSUFERN 2019 – Transformationen on 1 & 2 August 2019 at 20:30h.

Choreography, Light, Performance: Jule Flierl |Performance: Zoe Knights, Cathy Walsh, Liosha Kokhanov, Angela Munoz| Sound: Mars Dietz |Dramaturgy, Text: Luise Meier

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!! Ilan Lev Method Intensive !!

!! אינטנסיב 5 ימים של שיטת אילן לב בברלין !!

and it's 5 days!

Hosted by -- Ponderosa --

A beautiful opportunity to meet the method of Ilan Lev and connect with Ilan himself and some of the lovely people involved.

It is also an opening door for those interested to join the training program to become a practitioner, future to open in Berlin.

All of this in a warm and cozy place, Ponderosa, for 5 days together. Getting a chance to try out and know the practice, philosophy and energy of the method and the team.

So? join..? Feel free to contact me for any question, thought or anything.

Event here, Share share share :)


Ponderosa's website


Facebook event m.facebook.com/events/321956955102623



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Dear all

my room in a 4people-shared flat is free for whole august. We are living at karl-marx-strasse between Hermannplatz and Rathaus Neukölln.
the rent is 370 Euro and you have a huge kitchen and living area PLUS a tiny comfty terrace.


let me know

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I am subletting my room due to working abroad to the following dates:

Agust 1st -September 1st

September 21st-October 16th

October 31st-December 1st

The room is big, bright, with a balcony filled with flowers herba and tomatoes:) , in front of Volkspark Friedrichshain. The price is 375 euros for a month. I live with a lovely flatmate in a pretty big flat, and we like to chill at home and keep it quiet.

If you are interested to one or more of these periods I can send you pictures and/or you can write me if you want to visit it! paulinepayen@yahoo.fr

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Hello dears , there is a room available in wedding from July 15th-september 10th. It is a beautiful room in a quite neighborhood. Contact me for more details.

Warm regards



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Dear all, I want to recommend a great dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She will teach on Thursday evenings in Neukölln.

For more info, see below!
Best wishes, Johanna

Join me to the The Dancing Body classes!

The classes aims to lay the basis of the connection of body and mind to the dance. The classes starts with movement instructions, that works with the senses in relations to the body parts and inner organs. The exercises brings the attention to what physically happens in the body while we dance or improvise, before the "making decision" stage. This will be the base point for improvisation.

As part of the class we will practice working in pairs or in a group to improve the skills of dancing in space with other bodies. We will learn to see the composition created in the space. We will practice touch: how to touch and being touched while dancing, how to respond to different modes of touch. We will learn how to express different qualities of movement in the body, and more. Among this, the class will be corresponding to other fields of art.

The classes fit for dancers and for those who wants to dance and discover new things in the body, to explore movement, creation, body and mind. Fit also for therapist, and for teachers of different body techniques.

Time: Every Thursday between 17:30-19:00
Place: Chalet - artspace, hermanstrasse 14, 12049.
Language: English
Cost: 1 class - 12 EUR
5 classes card - 45 EUR (Valid for 2 months)

Contact: Inbar Kubi +4915168535168

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Das Theater- und Tanzfestival euro-scene Leipzig findet in diesem Jahr vom 05. – 10. November zum 29. Mal statt.

Zum 14. Mal wird auch der beliebte Wettbewerb „Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo“ als Teil des Festivalprogramms veranstaltet.

Dabei können sich sowohl Profis als auch Amateure mit ihrem fünfminütigen Solo auf einem runden Tisch der Jury und dem Festivalpublikum stellen und haben die Möglichkeit damit eines der drei Preisgelder oder den Publikumspreis zu gewinnen.

Bewerbungen bis zum 25.08.2019 an: euro-scene Leipzig, Maria Bornhorn, Gottschedstr. 16, 04109 Leipzig / Tel. 0341-980 02 84 / info@euro-scene.de / www.euro-scene.de

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Für unseren Standort in Berlin suchen wir einen Werkstudenten für 6-9 Monate im Bereich Artistik:

· Allgemeine Büroarbeiten (Beantwortung von E-Mails, Erstellung und Pflege diverser Listen)
· Screening eingehender Bewerbungen/Castingvideos von Artistinnen und Artisten, Zuarbeit bei Castings
· Assistenz bei Einstudierungen artistischer Acts
· Sonstige Aushilfstätigkeiten

· Immatrikulierter Student eines künstlerischen Faches
· Praktische Erfahrung als Artist
· Sehr gute Deutsch- sowie gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift
· Sehr gute Office- Kenntnisse (Word, Excel, Outlook)
· Schnelle und strukturierte Arbeitsweise

Die Werkstudententätigkeit wird mit € 10,- die Stunde vergütet.

Die Stellenbeschreibung können Sie hier einsehen: www.tui-group.com/de/jobcareer/vacancies/job/66370

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Are you interested in working with the future of dance and choreography?

The Department of Dance at DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts is now looking to fill two key positions;
- Assistant Professor of Choreography (60 %) with responsibility for the Master programme in Choreography
- Assistant Professor of Dance (100 %) with responsibility for the Bachelor programme in Dance Performance.

We are looking for persons who can re-examine and develop the programmes, while building upon existing education profiles.

Last day for application is August 31.

The Department of Dance strives to be a current, qualitative and dynamic place of education and research within contemporary dance and choreography. With its strong ties to the professional sphere, the department actively promotes the development of its artistic field both in Sweden and internationally.

Read more about the department and the programmes: www.uniarts.se/english/about-uniarts/doch-school-of-dance-and-circus/department-of-dance

Contact person: Anna Efraimsson, Head of the Department of Dance: anna.efraimsson[at]uniarts.se

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Professional dancers, movement artists, as well as recent graduates, are invited to join a 10-day creation process workshop with Sebastian Abarbanell and Tuan Ly.

The SOAKED Creation Process Intensive is supplemented by workshops in contemporary dance technique, improvisation and choreographic research.

Where: Berlin, Germany (venue tbc)
When: 02. – 13. September, 2019

Deadline for applications: Ongoing (early bird 15th July)

Daily warm-up class will cover areas such as contemporary dance technique, tools for partnering and somatic practices.
The intensive creation process is supplemented by a workshop programme of improvisation, choreographic tasks, scores and ensemble work.

Visiting guest artists (tbc) are invited to lead sessions including voice, performance, and design.

This intensive aims to offer the dancers an opportunity to immerse themselves in various contemporary dance forms and structures; having the space to research, explore and try out new ideas, whilst being part of an ensemble creation process.

During the creation, the dancers will be guided to generate original movement material, predominantly from a bodily source and improvisation tasks. They will engage with set movement vocabulary and research the embodiment of such material in performance.

Dancers will be able to explore and play with specific creative concepts, performative versatility and emotional states, allowing them to challenge, diversify and develop their dance practice in a supportive environment.

The 10 days culminate in an informal open sharing of the collective practice and creation.

To apply, please send a short motivation letter, CV (with photograph), links to dance/performance footage to SoakedWorkshop@outlook.com

Costs for participants: 360€ (early bird offer by 15th July: 320€)

For further information, please visit https://lytuan.wixsite.com/theatre/soaked

*selected video footage and photographs will be made available to the participants

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K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg provides three eight-month residencies to choreographers, who are currently at the beginning of their career and have produced some choreographic work of their own.

The residency starts in August 2020 and runs until April 2021. It includes a monthly grant, production budget, and dramaturgical support, as well as participation in training, courses, etc.

Deadline for the application is August 12th 2019.

Further information about the residency program and the required application material: https://k3-hamburg.de/en/residence/k3residency
Online application here: https://k3-hamburg.de/en/k3/residencyapplicationform 

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Das Tanzbüro Berlin versteht sich als eine Informations- und Beratungsstelle für Berliner Tanzschaffende und Interessierte anderer Städte und Länder. Unser Engagement liegt in der Vernetzung von Ideen und Ressourcen und wir setzten uns ein für eine Verbesserung der Produktionsbedingungen der Berliner Tanzszene.

Das Tanzbüro Berlin ist auch Herausgeber des Magazins tanzraumberlin, das Texte und Termine zum Tanzgeschehen in Berlin präsentiert. Es erscheint regelmäßig alle zwei Monate und liegt als kostenloses Magazin in Berliner Bühnen und Kultureinrichtungen aus. Außerdem wird es über einen umfassenden Verteiler an (inter-)nationale Abonnenten versandt.

Für den 2-mtl. Versand des tanzraumberlin Magazins suchen wir ab August 2019 eine Aushilfe auf Honorarbasis.

Die Tätigkeit
- umfasst ca. 2-3 Stunden alle zwei Monate (zu vereinbarten Terminen).
- wird vor Ort im Tanzbüro Berlin ausgeführt.
- beinhaltet das Bekleben von Umschlägen mit Etikett und Briefmarke, das Befüllen der Umschläge sowie den fußläufigen Transport der Umschläge zur Post (Badstrasse).
- wird mit 10,-€/Stunde brutto vergütet.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre formlose Bewerbung per Mail an: schober@tanzbuero-berlin.de

Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich gerne an:
Tanzbüro Berlin
Frau Silvia Schober
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

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