Medea ist Symbol des Widerstands. Sie repräsentiert den Zorn der Unterdrückten und verfügt über magische Kräfte, die Furcht und Entsetzen auslösen oder für Verwirrung sorgen.
Drei Regisseur*innen, Katharina Cromme, Leonie Graf und Phil Hayes, beschäftigen sich in drei Episoden mit unterschiedlichen Aspekten des antiken Mythos. Von der Vorgeschichte in Kolchis über die Ereignisse in Korinth bis hin zu jenem Zeitpunkt, an dem Medea in Athen ihr Gastrecht einfordern wird. Die Zuschauer*innen durchqueren die verschiedenen Landschaften wie in einem Triptychon.

Die achtzehn Spieler*innen des Ensembles von Theater Hora bilden einen Chor. Als Vertreter*innen einer demokratischen Gemeinschaft streiten sie für die Ideale einer unbedingten Gastfreundschaft.

Premiere 15.02.2020, 20 Uhr (weitere Spieltermine: 18.- 23.02.2020)

Fabriktheater, Rote Fabrik, Zürich

Regie: Katharina Cromme (Institut für bewegende Künste), Leonie Graf, Phil Hayes Choreinstudierung:Amadea Schütz, Nele Jahnke, Anna Fierz, Lotti Happle Bühnenbild: Manuel Gerst Dramaturgie: Kris Merken Musik: Gessica Zinni aka «Taimashoe» Spiel: Noha Badir, Remo Beuggert, Gianni Blumer, Matthias Brücker, Cécile Creuzburg, Caitlin Friedly, Robin Gilly, Simone Gisler, Nikolai Gralak, Matthias Grandjean, Julia Häusermann, Sara Hess, Lucas Maurer, Serafin Michel, Tiziana Pagliaro, Fredi Senn, Simon Stuber, Fabienne Villiger Produktionsleitung: Adrian T. Mai Regieassistenz: Benjamin Zeiter Kostümberatung: Nicole Frei & Prisca Baumann Assistenz Bühnenbild: Mortimer Chen Graphic Design: Atelyeah Marcel Freymond Fotografie: Maxi Schmitz Video: Susanne Hofer Administration: Conny Marinucci Gesamtleitung HORA: Curdin Casutt

Eine Produktion von Theater HORA in Koproduktion mit dem Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zürich
Gefördert durch: Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Stadt Zürich Kultur, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Stiftung Züriwerk, Förderverein Theater HORA, Kulturpark Zürich-West, Migros-Kulturprozent

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Dear colleagues and dancers,

We are looking for 4 dancers to take part in a musical theater piece in the Ernst Busch on the 8th of February, Saturday at 19:00. It is a piece written and directed by Sean Grimm, one of the 3rd year puppetry students. It is based in the America of the 1960s and 70s, and the Vietnam war.

The pieces that the dancers will be required to dance to, are: "Time of My Life" (Dirty Dancing) and a short bollywood style piece, as well as be part of the moving scenography in part of a 60s song which will only be played for about one minute.
You will have the chance to meet and collaborate with actors and puppetry students from HfS as well as musical theater students from UdK. Even though the work has no budget as it is a student production, the work will be videotaped so you will also be able to have footage of your performance.


- Experience in jazz or ballet or a strong level in contemporary dance

-A strong performative presence

- Attendance of the following rehearsal times at Ernst Busch:
7th February 11:00-14:00, Friday: General Rehearsal and Assessment
5th February 17:30-20:00, Wednesday
1st February 15:00-18:00 , Saturday
(29th January 17:30-20:00, Wednesday)
25th January 15:00-18:00 or 12:00-15:00, Saturday

Thank you!

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–– painting meets photography ––

Lexander Prokogh and David Pollmann present the human body in diverse ways: painted and photographed. The Free Art Space GISELA in Berlin-Lichtenberg opens its doors for an encounter of these two positions in order to create possibilities for exchange and dialogue. Opening on Friday, January 24 2020 at 6pm with an opening speech by Lena Inosemzewa. Closing event on Friday, February 28th 2020 at 4pm with an artist talk. // Where? – Giselastraße 12 10317 Berlin; walking distance from S-Nöldnerplatz.

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Dear colleagues,

we would like to remind you that the closing date for applying to FURORE 2020 is getting closer - you can still apply until February 17th, 2020. The application sheets are attached to this email.

If you already sent us an application and haven't heard back from us or gotten a failure notification, please send in your application documents again. Due to an internal server error, there were problems with the delivery of emails to These problems are solved now, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Looking forward to reading your applications,

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Vom 17. bis zum 23. Februar 2020 treffen sich Tanzstudierende von nationalen und internationalen Ausbildungsinstitutionen in Hamburg zur 7. BIENNALE TANZAUSBILDUNG, dem größten Netzwerktreffen der Ausbildungseinrichtungen. Die 7. BIENNALE TANZAUSBILDUNG 2020 HAMBURG wird von der Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz zusammen mit Kampnagel, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, der Ballettschule des Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier und dem Bundesjugendballett veranstaltet. 150 Studierende von 18 Schulen werden gemeinsam mit erfahrenen Künstler*innen und Professor*innen zu Trainings, Workshops, Gesprächen, einer Präsentationsplattform und einem Symposium zusammenkommen, um Struktur der Ausbildung, das Verhältnis zwischen Gesellschaft und Tanz, und Fragen nach Exklusion/Inklusion im Tanz in den Blick zu nehmen.

Tanzschulen bilden häufig keine Tänzer*innen mit Behinderung aus. Dieser Barriere auf dem Weg zur professionellen Ausbildung möchte Kampnagel mit zwei Stipendien für Tänzer*innen mit Behinderung zur Teilnahme an der Biennale entgegenwirken. Es werden Reise- und Aufenthaltskosten für die Tänzer*innen sowie ggf. für ihre Assistenz übernommen.

Schicken Sie uns gerne ihre Fragen zu Räumen und Zugängen, oder ein Dokument mit Ihren Zugangsbedürfnissen, damit wir für Sie prüfen können, wo Barrieren bestehen und ob wir sie abbauen können.

bis zum 23. Januar 2020 mit einem Motivationsschreiben und einer Übersicht bisheriger Arbeiten an tanzbiennale(at)

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In this workshop we will look at how space affects the relationship of the solo bodymind to the ensemble mind body through the lens of Ensemble Thinking. Ensemble Thinking (ET) is a system of collaborative group performance practices. These compositional exercises refine the individual’s ability to perceive, initiate, and support collective action. ET’s conceptual nature allows for equality of access regardless of background, aesthetics, or physical capabilities. Ensemble Thinking was initially developed in 1994 by Lower Left founder Nina Martin. Andrew has been helping develop the material since 2001. The principles of ET help the performer focus on different elements of the moment: facing, level, movement, number, stillness, timing, space, focus, line, shape, etc. Heightened awareness allows for greater facility and nuance in these elements as tools of creation and lenses of perception. We will start with examining the possibilities within the solo body, transitioning to how the solo operates in relation to the group. This workshop is for dancers, actors, musicians, who are interested in increasing their kinetic awareness of the ensemble and solo in performance. facilitated by Lower Left artist Andrew Wass sliding scale: 75-100€ 2 for 1 HZT student deal register: Saturday and Sunday, February 1 and February 2, 2020 Saal 3 Dock 11 Kastanienallee 79 10435 Berlin By experimenting with aleatoric, improvisational, and indeterminate processes, Andrew Wass formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious processes of composition that are the generative source of much of his works. Influenced heavily by his undergraduate studies of Biochemistry at U.C. San Diego, Andrew works by creating a defined, almost crystalline palette in order to generate a myriad of possibilities. The possibilities are reduced and concentrated in the moments of execution and reception. A member of the Lower Left Performance Collective since 2001, he has taught at universities, festivals, and theaters throughout Europe, the United States, and Japan. Wass has performed with CI luminaries such as Nina Martin, Ray Chung, Scott Wells, Jess Curtis, and Nancy Stark Smith. His performance work has been shown in San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Marfa, Tijuana, Berlin, Tokyo, Geneva, Basel, and New York. Currently he is pursuing his PHD in Dance through Texas Woman's University.
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The dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests is looking for a contemporary male dancer at the earliest possible date.
With up to 80 performances a year all over the world Sasha Waltz & Guests is one of the most successful international enterprises within the cultural sector. For the dance piece »Allee der Kosmonauten« by Sasha Waltz (premiere: 1996) Sasha Waltz & Guests is looking for a long-term cast for one of the six dancers.

• degree of dancing and / or longtime experience on stage
• good skills of playing an accordion and playing experience
• willingness of participation in worldwide travels and performances
• open minded and communicative personality with strong capacity for teamwork
• absolute reliability and independent in working
• good verbal language skills in English (German skills are of advantage)

We are looking forward to your written application until the 31st of January 2020.
Please direct your documents (CV plus audio sample, photos and current viewing material) to:

Sasha Waltz & Guests
Theresa Boock
Sophienstraße 3, 10178 Berlin
or via mail to:

The application of people with migrant background is welcome, as far as the qualifications for employment are fulfilled. It is only possible to return the documents, if there is a sufficient postage. Unfortunately it is not possible to refund any travel costs.

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Invitation to a series of 8 lab sessions about authentic movement, physical research and contact.

The Touch as gesture, of offering, receiving, communicating.
The Touch, as a tool for acknowledgment and recognition.
The Touch as a playful tool to meet and connect with respect and awareness.

Exploring the different qualities that each specific touch carries, this lab tries to observe and refine the consciousness and movement possibilities of the body. How can different textures, dynamics and durations be played with, and possibly raise the awareness of our own body-systems?
I want to invite the participants to share their ideas and curiosity and to use this time as a platform to propose and explore their vision.

Location: Campus HfS Ernst Busch, Zinnowitzer Str. 11, 10115 Berlin
08.01.20, 18:00 - 3.30
13.01.20, 18:00 - 3.30
20.01.20, 18:00 - 3.40
27.01.20, 18:00 - 3.30
03.02.20, 18:00 - 3.30
10.02.20, 18:00 - 3.30
17.02.20, 16:00 - 3.30
19.02.20, 16:00 - 3.40

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Dear HZT network and all you dreamhouse fairies,
I'm looking for a place to live. 350€ total (warm). Not far from Uferstudios in Wedding would be ideal but not necessary. Please feel free to forward the message if you have smth in mind.
Thank you all in advance.

---Wishlist for the long-term home...
- Living with one other person or more...separate, individual rooms OR living solo
- Within the S-bahn ring
- Registration possibility
- Sunlight that comes in or bright rooms...not dark places-a rather quiet place would be also ideal but I prefer the noise of a street rather than that from a neighbor
- No pets preferred (I'm unfortunately allergic) & non-smoking

More About Me: I'm currently a SODA student coming from Greece. I'm clean, tidy, gemini, rather discreet guy with a love on plants (and I have many)...I've been living alone but in an apartment full of restrictions that I can not  exactly call home..The situation is not super urgent so if smth is available the next month(s) it can also be an option!

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The Program of this workshop is highly practical and designed to fully immerse students in learning movement, coaching and actor training. The pace of this one-week workshop is very demanding and students should be prepared to live, eat and breathe movement for the entire duration of the course.

The workshop is a full-time program, designed as a lab with practical sessions, lectures and discussion forums. The workshop offers a stimulating environment in which students are able to develop their movement directing skills, practice, and expertise in a short amount of time. Students may expect to encounter different movement and directing techniques varying from the principles of traditional theatres to modern approaches. Practical sessions are designed to enhance skills as both a movement teacher and movement director.

All students enrolling in the intensive One-Week Movement Directing Workshop should be aware that this is an introductory course. The limitations of a one-week course should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying and perfecting the craft.

Dates available for participation:

22 - 29 November, 2019 - Austria

9 - 14 January, 2020 - Germany

24 - 31 January, 2020 - Austria

9 - 14 April, 2020 - Germany

24 – 30 April, 2020 - Austria

9 - 14 July, 2020 - Germany

24 – 30 July, 2020 - Austria

20 - 26 August, 2020 - Germany



Request Info:

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