3 - 5 August 2022
Grand Studio, Brussels - Belgium

This international workshop is the perfect opportunity for performers who are interested in studying physicality and creating theatre performances with a focus on movement.
The training is designed as an intensive multidisciplinary lab with active participation and practice of performers from different techniques, levels of experiences and countries. Multidisciplinarity and multiculturality are one of the most important principles of the program.

Working language - English.

In Ostrenko's approach, performance is considered from a Systems perspective. This means that all aspects of the production are closely intertwined and work together for maximum result on stage.
The Ostrenkos' approach relies on the combination of practice and theory to create innovative productions. It aims at giving the performers an understanding of what they want, while also providing directors with insights into how best create on stage a production or scene variation.
OSTRENKO BROTHERS METHOD is internationally renowned, from Ukraine to the USA, from Iceland to South Africa, from Canada to Australia, from Singapore to Italy and beyond.

The number of participants in the workshop is limited and the group is formed on a competitive basis from among professionals.

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Für die Aufführungen unserer Bachelorabsolvent:innen sucht das HZT Berlin eine Produktionsleitung / Production Management Projekt: BA Graduate Works - Präsentation von bis zu 12 Abschlussarbeiten Präsentationen finden an drei Abenden (13., 15., und 17. September) am Campus Uferstudios statt. Leistungsbeschreibung: Die Produktionsleitung ist für die Organisation sowie den reibungslosen Ablauf der Veranstaltung verantwortlich. Sie trifft Entscheidungen zur Steuerung und Durchführung der Aufführungen. Sie koordiniert zwischen Studierenden, Technik, Verwaltung und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und sorgt für eine fachgerechte Planung und Durchführung, insbesondere: - Probenplanung - Kommunikation, Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit - Produktion Abendzettel, Flyer, Plakate - Gästeliste und VIP - Organisation Front House und Stage Hands Bitte senden Sie Ihr schriftliches Angebot zusammen mit einem Überblick über Ihre bisherigen Arbeiten im Bereich Tanz, Theater, Performance bis zum 10. Juli 2022 an: hztvl@intra.udk-berlin.de Bitte fügen Sie eine Kalkulation pro Aufführung bei, da sich die tatsächliche Anzahl erst zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt herauskristallisiert. **** For the performances of our Bachelor graduates, HZT Berlin is looking for a Production management Project: BA First Works - Presentation of up to 12 graduation pieces Presentations will take place on three evenings (13., 15., and 17. September) at Campus Uferstudios. Service: The production management is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of the event. It makes decisions on the control and implementation of the performances. It coordinates between students, the technical department, administration and public relations and ensures professional planning and realisation, in particular: - Rehearsal planning - Communication, press and public relations - Production of leaflets, flyers, posters - Guest list and VIP - Organisation of front house and stage hands Please send your offer together with an overview of your previous work in the field of dance, theatre, performance to hztvl@intra.udk-berlin.de Please attach a calculation per performance, as the actual number will only emerge at a later date.
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Liebe Tänzerinnen und Tänzer,
ich bin Hajar Nikaein, pianistin und Studentin an der Udk Berlin.
Für meine Klavier-Abschlussprüfung (zwischen 11-15 Juli) suche ich dringend eine/n Tanzstudent/in, der/die bei einem klassischen, dramatischen Stück Contemporary mit eigenen Choreografien tanzen würde.
Falls du Interessiert bist kontaktiere mich gerne unter:
0176 20254535
Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn wir gemeinsam eine neue Erfahrungen sammeln könnten.
Liebe Grüße
Hajar Nikaein

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From 23 October to 5 November 2022, STUDIO2 of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) will once again be hosting an artistic research residency on its premises. The residency is aimed at individual artists or collective groups of up to 5 artists from the field of dance, performing arts, and performance (also interdisciplinary). It will enable open-artistic research on a self-selected theme.
STUDIO2 is a work and research space for the independent performing arts in Berlin-Kreuzberg whose proximity to the ITI's Media Library for Dance and Theatre and the associated Media Studio offers the residency project the opportunity to develop diverse research approaches.

- Free use of the 165sqm studio and adjoining spaces within the two-week residency
- Workspace in the Media Library for Dance and Theatre and professional advice on research approaches
- Monitoring of the work process on the social media channels of STUDIO2 and the ITI
- Access to the technical equipment available at STUDIO2 including the necessary technical introduction
- Documentation of the public work-in-progress presentation in cooperation with the Media Studio of the ITI
- Organisational and content-related support as agreed and required

- Presentation of the artistic research concept with a clear and feasible research question on max. 1 DIN-A 4 page (approx. 1800 characters). The research concept should focus on the artistic research process of the self-selected theme within the two-week residency and not on the artistic result (mere artistic production projects can unfortunately not be considered)
- Short CV of all applicants (approx. 600 characters per person)

During the residency, a public event should take place that offers insights into the working process. The form of this presentation is up to the artist(s) (adaptations based on the applicable COVID-19 rules are possible).
STUDIO2, as part of the ITI, is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and welcomes applicants with various experiences, knowledge, and artistic positions in the performing arts.
We particularly encourage artists to apply, who are newcomers in Germany, especially those who had to leave their country of origin due to war or for political, social, or economic reasons, as well as artists facing structural exclusion or access barriers in the performing arts sector.

Please send the application for the autumn residency as a PDF document to studio2@iti-germany.de with the subject: "STUDIO2 Autumn Residency - [NAME]" no later than 13.07.2022.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer any financial support in the form of scholarships, reimbursement of travel expenses or accommodation. It is also not possible to live in STUDIO2 or other ITI premises during the residency. However, we are happy to assist in finding accommodation.

For further information please contact Lene Gaiser at studio2@iti-germany.de or via phone +49 30 611 07 65-20, Telephone consultation hours for the autumn residency Mondays (27.06., 04.07.,11.07.), 11:00-13:00 CET

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Hi lovelies!
I am coming back to Berlin to visit friends and share all the hugs I could´t because of leaving before COVID crisis and never been able to return.
I am looking for a room in a WG or a flat, preferently in Neukolln or Wedding, but pretty much open to other locations. Sublet is from 10th August to 15th September. It could be also shorter times. I am super responsible and I will take good care of your space.
whatsapp me: +5491173616368 or email me karasikale@yahoo.com.ar or instagram me @alejandro_karasik

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9-Day Physical Theatre Lab & Conference organized by IUGTE
20 - 29 July 2022 | Laubegg Castle - Austria

The program includes intensive physical theater workshops, lectures and forums with world-known teachers - Ostrenko Brothers and the program of IUGTE annual International Conference with performing arts academics and practitioners from all around the world! Fill out the application form using the button below and explore physical acting as your primary creative tool.

The Ostrenkos' approach relies on the combination of practice and theory to create innovative productions. It aims at giving the performers an understanding of what they want, while also providing directors with insights into how best put on stage a new production or scene variation based on classical material.
The main advantage of the method: you will be able to get practical instructions to get results in the shortest way, using traditional and modern approaches in the analysis of physical action.

Practical workshops, presentations, works in progress, lectures, and discussions with performing arts teachers from all around the world.
You will be able to know:
- Dance Paradigms: Traditional to Contemporary.
- Explore the negotiation between culture, image, word, sound, and performer embodiment.
- The methodology that you can apply during the rehearsals.
- To what extent the meaning of an image, word, or movement could be universal, or mediated by culture.
- How to use your voice in your performance.
- Which directorial coordinates can be suitable to promote performer perception in the physical space.
- How to focus on ensemble-building and fostering a space where everyone can bring their best self to the room etc.

The working language is English.
Registration: https://www.physicalityinacting.com/austria-2022-july-lab

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Hallo :)
ich und eine Freundin suchen ab sofort eine 2-3 Zimmer Wohnung in Berlin (vorzugsweise Mitte und Nähe, jedoch würden wir auch jede andere Wohnung nehmen wollen, die uns gefällt, auch wenn sie nicht 100% unseren Kriterien entspricht). Wir sind beide 20 Jahre alt, haben noch kein festes Einkommen, werden von unseren Eltern finanziell unterstützt, wenn nötig, und haben dementsprechend einen verlässlichen Bürgen. Wir würden sowohl für befristete wie unbefristete Zeit einziehen wollen. Die Miete sollte nicht höher als 800€ warm sein, da wir sie so weit wie möglich selbst stemmen wollen.
Falls ihr eure Wohnung an zuverlässige, rücksichtsvolle und freundliche Mieter übergeben wollt, freuen wir uns wirklich sehr über eine Kontaktaufnahme.
Oder falls ihr jemanden kennt, der seine Wohnung loswerden will und sich 1000e Online-Anfragen über immoscout24 etc. ersparen möchte, oder uns auch einfach nur irgendwie anders die Suche erleichtern könnt, wären wir euch wirklich sehr dankbar.
Viele Grüße und bleibt gesund!

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