Dears!!! For some months I've been in the battle of finding a flat in Berlin. Since then I got few answers out of (i even lost count) emails. Some of the answers were writing weird creepy stuff, many attempts of scam, one Besichtigung, and until now, I have no Wohnung. I guess most of you unfortunately are familiar with that... Please, If you hear about a flat that is getting free and it has fair conditions, please let me know! I'm looking for a long-term flat! 2 rooms Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Alt-Treptow, Friedrichschain as first preferences... 750 warm (max) Ab SOFORT! <3 I appreciate any hint and please feel free to spread the word! Take care of yourself and your beloved ones! much love!!! Lina
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We propose three different weeks of Dancing. Input and output. From morning to evening. In the beautiful center of Gdańsk on the polish coastline of the baltic sea. The movement & dance classes are guided by a handful of international dancers from around Europe, both more established as well as a few newcomers. Amongst others we welcome Natalia Iwaniec, Máté Mészáros and Shared Levitation by Marion Sparber & Alan Fuentes Guerra. Together with a few young professionals they will headline the first edition of DO Festival. Contemporary, Partnering, Improvisation, Handstand, Ballet, Yoga, Gaga and much more: Everyday is packed with eight hours of classes as well as a few evening highlights. 3 different weeks - 3 different teacher teams - Choose your week! Registration Forms EN:
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Hi everyone, I'm a lighting designer looking for projects where I could collaborate with you. I know it’s still not the best time to look for projects but I’m sure there is a brighter future ahead :) I studied Lighting Design in Hildesheim (HAWK) and Lyon (ENSATT) and had already the chance to work with and accompany Lighting Designers like Emese Csornai, Ben Schälike, André Pronk, Martin Beeretz and Jan Fedinger. I have experiences in different fields of Lighting Design like Architecture, Film, Theatre and Dance. I'd like to join projects where I could explore with you the possibilities of light in a show or performance. You'll find more information about me here: I'd be happy to hear from you! Best, Vito
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Dank der Bewilligung unseres Antrages für kunstvermittelnde Projekte durch die Stiftung Kunstfonds und Neustart Kultur ist die Ausstellungsreihe SONDERLAGE zustande gekommen, zu der wir Sie herzlich einladen wollen.

Da die Reihe ein Augenmerk auf künstlerische Editionen und Kunstpublikationen legt, ist sie in fünf Kapitel aufgeteilt. Wir freuen uns somit sehr, Sie hiermit zu diesem gemeinsamen Experiment on- und offline mit der SONDERLAGE 1/5 einzuladen!

Herzliche Grüße,
Pierre Granoux & Wayra Schübel


Verlängert bis zum 6. März 2021

Clubhouse Talks:
16.02. Künstlerinnengespräch mit Clara Bahlsen
23.02. Künstlergespräch mit Marcel van Eeden

LAGE EGAL [GW34/35] Greifswalderstr 34 10405 Berlin

Termine nur nach Vereinbarung und mit geeignetem Mund-Nasen-Schutz.

Kontakt: Pierre Granoux • +49 173 1807226 •
IG @lage__egal @pierre___granoux


kuratiert von Pierre Granoux (Direktor LAGE EGAL), Wayra Schübel. Unterstützt durch Sarie Nijboer (kuratorische Assistenz) und Michelle Rojkov (Projektassistenz)

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Special 3-Week Physical Theatre Intensive Wish to get exposed to new techniques and approaches for performance making, ensemble building, choreography and blocking? Join 3-week intensive with Ostrenko Brothers! Ostrenko Brothers Method Participants will be able to get in-depth training based on Ostrenko Brothers Method, which was formed on the basis of Russian theatre school and influenced by traditional European and Asian practices in performing arts. Ostrenko brothers will guide you through the main principles of performance building and working with performers. The program designed as an experimental lab for directors, choreographers, performers and teachers. At the end of the program, you will be able to have a ready-to-go system for rehearsals and classes with your performers! Program Venue Churgo Culture Center is located in the small city on the west of Hungary nearby Danube-Drava Natural Park. Perfect for a three-week residency as it offers accommodation on fair prices and has everything needed for an unforgettable experience: shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants, swimming pool, etc. Find Out More Special Offer REGISTER NOW: 550 EUR ̶9̶5̶0̶ ̶E̶U̶R̶ Register until 1st February in order to save 40% and receive a series of distant task from the teacher - Sergei Ostrenko to be prepared for the intensive even better! Note to our students, those who have missed the sessions and classes due to Corona-Virus and wish to join this session have to inform us by email. Apply Now Website:
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We are pleased to announce that registration for the entrance exams for the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre 2021/2022 courses at the Accademia Dimitri is now open.

Attached you find the flyer with all the information. Please do not hesitate to share this material with your contacts.

Thank you and best regards.

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