Nik Haffner: Artistic Director

Nik Haffner ©Diethild Meier
>Nik Haffner ©Diethild Meier

Nik Haffner is dancer, choreographer and since 2012 the artistic director of HZT Berlin - Inter-University Centre for Dance. Many of his choreographic works were developed in collaboration with other artists (a.o. with Christina Ciupke and Mart Kangro). Following his interest in collaborative practices and interdisciplinary exchange, Nik Haffner has been developing educational formats, a.o. as guest-teacher with P.A.R.T.S. Brussels, Trinity Laban London and Ohio State University.After studying dance Nik Haffner joined William Forsythe - Ballet Frankfurt from 1994 until 2000 as a dancer. In these years he also co-developed the media-publication "Improvisation Technologies" at ZKM, Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe. With choreographer Jonathan Burrows und composer Matteo Fargion he collaborated on their 2013 online score ‚Seven Duets’ as part of the web-publication series Nik Haffner is member of the board of Tanzkongress Deutschland, of the jury for the German Dance Award and is the spokesperson for the national dance education network AK/T Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz Deutschland.


Sabine Trautwein (M.A.): Head of Administration

Sabine Trautwein @Anke Jacob
>Sabine Trautwein @Anke Jacob

Sabine Trautwein (M.A.) has been the administrative director of HZT Berlin since 2013. She helped built the HZT from 2006 on, responsible for the administration. She studied German language and literature, art history and political science in Trier and at the FU Berlin. After graduation she worked as a freelancer in the event organization in the field of information society / telematics amongst others for the former SEL Alcatel Foundation, the Berliner Stiftungsverbundkolleg and conference organizers (1989-2004). She has been involved in the organization and administration of cultural projects and projects in the field of cultural education from 1996 on, from 1998 as project manager of ESF-funded projects.

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Eva-Maria Hoerster: Project Coordinator

Eva-Maria Hoerster ©Diethild Meier
>Eva-Maria Hoerster ©Diethild Meier

Eva-Maria Hoerster studied art history and German literature and was a member of the artistic direction of the Kassel International Dance Festival. From 1995-2006 she worked as dramaturge, production manager, curator and producer at the Tanzfabrik Berlin; in December 2003 she became the artistic director of Tanzfabrik Berlin. She was involved in the development of the teaching project „Choreographische Werkstätten“ and the lecture performance series „Tanz & Text”. As a partner of the EU network „apap“, she curated the interdisciplinary programme „Berliner Ermittlungen“ in 2006. From 1997-2000, she was the dramaturge and manager of the Tanzcompagnie Rubato. In 2003 she was responsible for the production management and public relations of Move Berlim – Festival of Contemporary Brazilian Dance. As a performer she worked in the artists’ collective B.D.C./Thomas Plischke (in „ReSORT“, 2001). She was co-initiator and co-curator of the „Tanznacht Berlin/Tanz made in Berlin (2000-2004). From 2006 - ti June 2013 she has been managing director of the HZT Berlin. Since 2013 she is project-coordinator.


Maximilian Stelzl: Technical Director

Maximilian Stelzl ©Sven Hagolani
>Maximilian Stelzl ©Sven Hagolani

Maximilian Stelzl was born in 1962 in Kötzting. While studying for his degree at the TFH Berlin, he was the technical director of the Tanzfabrik Berlin. From 1994-96 he toured with Sasha Waltz & Guests, among others. From 1996-2008 he was the technical director of the Podewil, Berlin. Since then he has been working as a technical director, tour technician and lighting technician for the Move Berlim and Tanz im August festivals, the choreographers Mette Ingvartsen and Toula Limnaios as well as the Oper Dynamo West and Schauplatz International ensembles. In addition, he also belongs to the Uferstudios planning team in Berlin. Since 2010 he is technical director at the HZT Berlin.