maChoreography - Application for 2018

Next start: winter semester 2018/19 (October 2018)
Application period: 1 October 2017 – 1 November 2017
Admission exams: February 2018
Class size: 6


The admissions process is made up of a pre-selection and a two-tiered admissions examination. The pre-selection is made on the basis of the applications filed and determines access to the admissions examination. Invitations are in writing.


Prerequisites for Admission

To be accepted to the MA Choreography programme, you must fulfil the following prerequisites:

a) BA or equivalent degree from a university, technical college or art school in Germany or abroad; or the prouve of acquired competences and abilities in the frame of a professional education equivalent to a University degree.
b) special artistic and choreographic talent and a profound dance ability;
c) first own choreographic works in a public context
d) good German proficiency, enabeling you to follow the  lessons, understand texts and write your own texts (mini Level B2 according to GER).


Further information on application to be found on the site of the Hochschule für Schaupielkunst "Ernst Busch".






Effective September 2017