BA Dance, Context, Choreography

 offers a practice-oriented education in six semesters. The objective is to develop artistic work in the field of choreographic theory and practice.

Dance, Context, Choreography (Bachelor of Arts)


MA Solo/Dance/Authorship (MA SODA)

is a two year, full-time, performance-oriented Master of Arts degree. It provides a practice-led postgraduate education for practitioners and recent graduates who wish to challenge, extend and transform their practice and their understanding of arts practice through practical, theoretical and critical enquiry.

Solo/ Dance/ Authorship (Master of Arts)



MA Choreography

has an artistic/practical orientation. Its specific approach lies in the expansion of body knowledge in order to develop movement research from precisely this knowledge, and to assist in developing choreographic productions with methods of composition. The degree programme does not represent certain aesthetics, nor is it focused on a certain field of work; instead, it is open for the entire range of productions at city and state theaters, site-specific works or installations in the independent scene.


Choreography (Master of Arts).