50 artists from over 20 countries. Daily from 18th november till 16th december 2017.

MA SODA (Solo/ Dance/ Authorship) from HZT celebrates 10th anniversary with a wide range of works, performances and research by current and past students of the program.

For the festival former students return to the creative environment of HZT. Together with current students of the Master, they show a diverse program of performances, workshops and encounters, sharing the success of the program with contributors, supporters and the public.

The program shows about 50 performances by current and past students. Performances of the current students are free, all other performances cost 4 Euros. The entire program and information about the artists can be found at http://soda10years.dance/ 

For technical equipment, studio rental, advertising and catering for the artists, a crowdfunding campaign was launched. Support the SODA WORKS FOR YOU crowdfunding campaign on Startnext! bit.ly/soda4you


Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin at Uferstudios, Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin
U8: Pankstraße, U9: Nauener Platz, S-Bahn: Gesundbrunnen

21.11. - 16.12. I SODA FINAL WORKS 2017 I STUDIO 14

In the frame of the four-week SoDA Works Festival, this year's graduates of the solo / dance / authorship master's program will be presenting their theses.


further informations: https://groupsolo.org/ // http://soda10years.dance/


21. & 22. 11. I 7 PM  I Maque Pereyra “TaypiMami//footnotes to myself”
21. & 22. 11. I 9 PM I Agata Siniarska “the soft act of killing” - CANCELLED 

27. & 28. 11. I 5 PM I Janine Iten "states of transition"
27. & 28. 11. I 9 PM I Felix Ofosu Dompreh “Laborlaboratory“

 3. & 4.12. I  7 PM I Pauline Payen “A Very Unique Gift”
 3. & 4.12. I 9 PM I Jan Rozman “ƒ(being)“

 9. & 10.12. I 7 PM I Alejandro Karasik  “Machine of Grace”
 9. & 10.12. I  9 PM I Larisa Navojec  “A Solo Together“

15. & 16.12. I 7 PM I Saori Hala “Da Dad Dada”
15. & 16.12. I 9 PM I Yaron Maïm “Material for Solometrics“


free admission

Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin at Uferstudios, Studio 14, Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin
U8: Pankstraße, U9: Nauener Platz, S-Bahn: Gesundbrunnen


The lecture elaborates on the notion of improvisation in urban design from a specific perspective. In that context improvisation is not intended as an informal, non-planning endeavor but as a way to re-use planning from a situationistperspective. Consequently design modulates to redesign. That means: the aim is not to follow the ideology of creativity and its teleological imperative of creating something new. It is not about tabula rasa but about working constructively with the "as found" ? including its indeterminacy ? in community to reassemble and to draw relationships (between actors and actants). In that process not only improvisation is defined as technology. It also also implies corollarries for the representational modes of design, that unveil their structural potential only from an improvisational perspective: representation changesfrom "Abbild", from a non-altering identity-form to a performative (re)presentationof structure and relationship as open notation. This notation enables action in order to provoke and produce meaning. The city cannot be grasped as an object but is to be read a performative process, in which we all take part, if we want it or not ? externalisation is over! It is about finding ways to internalize spatial relations, make them public and act from there. 


Prof. Dr. habil. Christopher Dell ist Theoretiker, Musiker, Komponist und Kurator. Zur Zeit lehrt er als Professor für Städtebautheorie an der HafenCity Universität Hamburg sowie an verschiedenen Hochschulen im internationalen. Dell ist zudem Leiter des ifit, Institut für Improvisationstechnologie, Berlin. Sein Interesse gilt Praxen und Organisationsverläufen der zeitgenössischen Stadt. In disziplinübergreifenden Arbeitskonstellationen sucht Dell relationale Handlungsformen als Verfahren zu konzeptionalisieren und für Forschung und Gestaltung fruchtbar zu machen. Dell gilt laut Reclam Jazzlexikon als der führende Vibraphonist Europas, seine Arbeit wurde mit zahlreichen Preisen ausgezeichnet, wie z.B. dem Downbeat Allstar Award, Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, dem JazzArt-Award - Musik des 21.Jahrhunderts, Grammy Nominierung und Musikpreis der Stadt Darmstadt.